About Us

Welcome to WISEFX

You’ve found me, no need to waste your money and time elsewhere.

An Individual trader and trading coach with more than 10 years of cumulative experience.
My trading methodology roots in automatic price action,
market auction theory, and unconventional chart analysis.
At present, I manage my own capital and mentors traders worldwide.

Software trading otomatis terbukti profitable 500+ hari lebih di real trading akun.
VPS gratis menggunakan Google Cloud Platform. Privasi terjamin. Otoritas dana 100% di tangan klien.
Value trust professionalism.

Our Skill

We offer in-depth expertise from a wide range of specialized and experienced key technical and fundamental traders.
Our system already run on many big accounts. Proven profitable for long-term basis.
Extreme simplicity is the key.

Our 3-D process



10.000 hours research to discover proven trading system. 



Doing our research in our account. Minimize risk as low as possible.


Do it again

Consistently focus on what we’re doing. Make trading for living.

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